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Tom Lord
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Joe Podmore
Head of Client Services
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For my favourite social media platform I’m actually going to say TikTok. Historically, I always loved Facebook for its ‘groups’ functionality, however I’ve actually really enjoyed using TikTok recently and the algorithm is feeding me with some genuinely useful pieces of content. I take inspiration from everywhere possible, really. Family, friends, books, podcasts, colleagues - they all help keep me moving forward!
Coral Clough
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My favourite social media platform is TikTok, although it is a tough call between Instagram and Tiktok. I find it both highly entertaining and super useful. Although I do need to set a daily usage limit as you can spend hours scrolling! Personal development inspires me, setting weekly and monthly goals keeps me motivated and inspires me to continue to progress.
Matt Brown
Head of E-Commerce
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Instagram is my favourite platform to use at the moment.
Peter Russell
Paid Traffic Media Buyer
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My favourite social media platform is Instagram , and story placement is my favourite just now. Great way to keep up with what friends and folk I like are up to. Easy bite size glimpses that are easy to flick through. I usually follow a mix of pages that inspire me too, so I get some great travelling, snowboarding, scuba diving, rock climbing content as well in there. I’m inspired by travelling, different cultures and learning about what other people are passionate about.
Sanni Baweja
Performance Marketing Specialist
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Linkedin is my favourite social media platform, it's a great place to meet people and connect with freelancers and CEOs alike. It helps me to meet resourceful people and it’s great for marketing. Linkedin also allows you to do polls which is great for behavioural marketing, meaning questions can be more personalised to the business. What inspires me is the behaviour of other people and psychology. I love observing people. Marketing is great as it allows me to view how people work - humans are very complicated and it inspires me to see how other people think - which in turn helps me to see how I think.
Charlotte Lines
Social Media Content Creator
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My favourite social media platform at the moment is TikTok. It is easy to create an audience on TikTok and I could spend hours creating and editing videos. Not to mention the hours I spend browsing through my own for you page. What inspires me is the feeling of wanting to always improve my skills and abilities. I love learning new things and this drives me to become a more well rounded person.
Marilyn Nassar
Graphic Designer
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Instagram is my favourite social media platform to use, because it's full of videos and images which I love. what inspires me is seeing my work in real world applications, scrolling through social media and stumbling across one of the creatives/animations I made for example
Tyler Wait
Media Buyer
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