Case Study

Executive Summary
Kandoo Car Credit approached us to scale their business quickly using paid advertising.

With our extensive experience in financial services, we developed a strategy to achieve their goal and diversified their ad channels to mitigate risk.

Problem Statement, Solution, and execution

Kandoo Car Credit had never used paid advertising before, and they wanted to scale their business using this method.

We started with Facebook ads and expanded to Google, TikTok, and eCRM campaigns.

Our strategy was to maintain profitability whilst scaling spend to meet their quarterly and annual targets.


Our partnership with Kandoo Car Credit resulted in significant growth and success, with the client seeing their advertising deals increase from around 40 to over 110 within a year.

Our strategy involved a diversified approach across Facebook, Google, TikTok, and eCRM campaigns, which allowed us to reach more potential customers and maintain profitability throughout the process. Despite the typical seasonal dip in car sales, we were able to drive results and help Kandoo Car Credit achieve their goals.